Students Presenting at AEJMC Conference in August

Nearly 25 percent of the media law and policy research papers accepted for presentation at the annual convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) were written by UNC students.

Five students had six papers accepted for presentation in the Law and Policy Division at the AEJMC convention to be held in August in Washington, D.C.  All paper submissions were blind-reviewed in competition with both student and faculty-authored papers.

No other university had as many as six papers accepted in the Law and Policy Division.

These are the students and the titles of their papers:

  • Jesse Abdenour (J-School Ph.D. student):  “Documenting Fair Use: Has the Statement of Best Practices Loosened the Fair Use Reins for Documentary Filmmakers?”
  • Kevin Delaney (M.A./J.D. student): “The State of Indecency Law: A Positive and Normative Evaluation of the Fox Cases”
  • Karen McIntyre (J-School Ph.D. student): “Droned Journalism: Using Unmanned Aircraft to Gather News and When Such Use Might Invade Privacy”
  • Hysosun Kim (J-School Ph.D. student):  “New Media?  New Guidelines?  FDA Regulation of Online DTC Prescription Drug Promotion”
  • Elizabeth Woolery (J-School Ph.D. student):  “The Press, the Public, and Capital Punishment: California First Amendment Coalition and the Development of a First Amendment Right to Witness Executions”
  • Elizabeth Woolery (J-School Ph.D. student):  “When (News)gathering Isn’t Enough:  The Right to Gather Information in Public Places”

As the titles reflect, these papers present legal research on some of the most pressing and interesting legal and constitutional issues in today’s complex and evolving media environment.

Congratulations, young legal scholars!

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