Research and Publications

Research outputs from the Center take a variety of forms, including white papers, scholarly articles, books and book chapters, and blog posts. This page collects the research work of the Center and its affiliated faculty.

The views expressed are solely those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Center for Media Law and Policy or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated.

Freedom of Expression

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Misinformation and Political Communication

David Ardia & Evan RingelFirst Amendment Limits on State Laws Targeting Election Misinformation, 20 First Amend. L. Rev. 291 (2022)2022
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Bridget Barrett, Daniel Kreiss, Ashley Fox, and Tori EkstrandPolitical Advertising on Platforms in the United States: A Brief Primer, UNC Center for Technology and Public Life2020

Intermediary Liability and Speech Torts

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Journalism and Media Business

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Privacy and Transparency

David Ardia & Rachael JonesBalancing Transparency and Privacy in the Implementation of Police Body-Worn Camera Systems, UNC Center for Media Law and Policy2018
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Intellectual Property

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