Recent media law grad publishes in legal journal

UNC media law graduate Kevin Delaney has had a shortened version of his master’s thesis published in Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal. The article is “Aereo, the Public Performance Right, and the Future of Broadcasting.”

The article looks at Aereo, a company that offered an inexpensive way for consumers to watch broadcast television via the internet. Specifically, the article explores ABC, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc., a 2014 Supreme Court case in which the Court determined that Aereo had violated broadcasters’ exclusive rights to perform copyrighted works publicly. Delaney discusses the Court’s decision and its potential future impact on copyright law and broadcasting.

This is the citation for the article: Kevin W. Delaney, Aereo, the Public Performance Right, and the Future of Broadcasting, 42 Rutgers Computer & Tech. L.J. 19 (2016).

Kevin graduated from Carolina’s  JD/MA dual degree program (earning a law degree and a master’s degree in mass communications) in 2015.  He currently is the McCormick Legal Fellow at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Congratulations, Kevin!

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