Chief Counsel, IP Protection & Security

Entertainment Software Association
June 1, 2018
Washington, DC
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The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which represents the leading U.S. publishers of computer and video games, seeks a senior attorney to fill the role of Chief Counsel, IP Protection & Security. The ideal candidate will have experience in intellectual property enforcement and will be proficient in intellectual property matters, cybersecurity policy issues, personnel management, and budgeting. The Chief Counsel will report to the Senior Vice President & General Counsel and will have at least eight (8) years of legal practice, which can include a combination of private practice, in-house, government and/or NGO experience. Because this role requires outreach to internal and external stakeholders, strong interpersonal skills are paramount for any successful candidate.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Manage Overall IP Protection & Security Program
    • Coordinate with ESA member companies to identify and establish global IP protection and security priorities on a year-to-year basis.
    • Develop budgets and action plans for programs and initiatives aimed at achieving IP protection and security goals; manage all program-related expenditures.
    • Supervise and manage work of staff members consisting of one counsel and six to seven non-lawyers.
    • Provide regular reports and updates to the ESA Senior Vice President & General Counsel on the progress of the program.
  2. Manage Member Company IP Protection Working Group
    • Schedule and convene weekly conference calls with member companies to discuss IP protection initiatives; prepare agendas and briefing materials, as needed.
    • Convene in-person, member-company meetings, including arranging for venue and logistics for such meetings and preparing agendas and meeting materials; prepare and distribute meeting minutes, as needed.
  3. Manage ESA’s Foreign Enforcement Programs
    • Manage operation of foreign enforcement efforts, including overseeing retention, management, and evaluation of vendors and law firms.
    • Prepare and distribute reports to member companies on progress of foreign enforcement program activities.
  4. Manage Online and Other Enforcement Programs
    • Manage online monitoring and enforcement programs, whether performed by ESA staff or outside vendors.
    • Negotiate and manage services contracts with vendors; conduct periodic evaluations of services provided by vendors.
    • Review IP enforcement-focused legal work performed by ESA staff and outside counsel.
    • Oversee law enforcement training activities.
    • Coordinate and/or  participate in multi-stakeholder enforcement initiatives.
  5. Manage Cybersecurity Program
    • Lead ESA member company discussions on cybersecurity issues.
    • Provide legal advice for information-sharing practices, including on antitrust, organizational governance, and engagement with vendors and outside counsel, as needed.
    • Represent ESA in multi-stakeholder cybersecurity initiatives.
    • Provide internal advice to ESA on cybersecurity policies and practices.
  6. Policy Management
    • Work with ESA member companies to identify policy priorities and objectives pertaining to IP protection and cybersecurity issues.
    • Track key legislation and policy initiatives pertaining to IP protection and cybersecurity matters; advise ESA member companies on related legal and policy developments.
    • Coordinate with ESA legal staff and government relations team to identify opportunities to engage with key policymakers on strategic priorities.
    • Pursue policy objectives by meeting with legislators, regulators, and their staff members; filing comments on proposed rules.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with other industry groups to facilitate collaboration on issues of common concerns.
  7. Staff Management
    • Manage IP Protection & Security staff by providing guidance and direction on specific matters as well as on overall career development opportunities.
    • Conduct formal review of staff on an annual basis.
  8. General Responsibilities
    • Provide written submissions and updates on the IP Protection & Security program for reports to the ESA Board and the ESA Annual Report.
    • Attend and represent ESA at meetings with law enforcement officials.
    • Participate in briefings for ESA’s lobbying consultants and with Congressional staff.
    • Work with communications team on responses to press requests on IP protection and cybersecurity matters.
    • Attend and represent ESA in multi-stakeholder meetings related to IP protection and cybersecurity matters.
  9. Skills & Abilities
    • Required:
      • Excellent communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills.
      • A proactive, collaborative work ethic.
      • Strong networking and relationship-building skills.
      • Experience investigating illegal activities that take place online.
      • Working knowledge of the legal remedies that can be used to combat online intellectual property infringement.
      • Negotiation, conflict resolution, and project management experience.
    • Preferred:
      • Enthusiasm regarding the intersection between technology and entertainment law, with a specific interest in the video game industry.
      • Personnel management and budgeting experience.
      • Participation in and/or leading multi-stakeholder coalitions.
      • Working knowledge of the legal issues and/or external pressures that influence corporate decision making.
  10. Minimum Education and Experience
    • Juris Doctor or Master of Laws degree from an ABA-accredited institution.
    • 8+ years of active legal practice.
    • Active bar membership in at least one (1) U.S. jurisdiction.
    • Ideal candidate will possess some combination of private practice, inhouse and/or government/NGO experience.

ESA offers competitive salaries and bonuses, generous benefits and a commitment to life/work balance. If you believe you meet our requirements, please forward your resume and cover letter for confidential review to Beth Cessna, Consulting Recruiter, at

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