Drone Used to Film Fireworks

Drone FireworksIf you grew up in a state that banned fireworks, you might have at some point picked up some out of state products to make sure your celebration had a bang. Skirting the law with fireworks is something of a national pastime, but one drone user might have the most spectacular use yet.

Joe Stiglingh flew his drone over a firework demonstration this past May in West Palm Beach, and the result is incredible. With the Fourth of July and the American love of fireworks, the video very recently became viral. As Forbes notes, most large celebrations over water involve Coast Guard restrictions, so it is possible Stiglingh was violating the law, though we don’t know for certain.

This is not necessarily a commercial drone use, as it is very difficult to tell if his video will actually make money through its massive viewing audience on YouTube. At the very least, the video provides another idea about the ways in which drones could be used in the future.

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