What’s Protected? Religious Freedoms and the First Amendment

Date(s) - 09/24/2013
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Room 105, Murphey Hall

AmIndian_Poster_FinalThe First Amendment protects freedom of religion in the United States, but who decides what “counts” as religion? Hosted by graduate students in the Religious Studies Department, this event invites members of the University community to vote on historic court cases in which religious freedoms have been negotiated between secular and religious authorities. Students will have the opportunity to discuss these questions with the graduate students: What is religion? How do we know? Who gets to decide? What, then, does religious freedom mean?

The graduate students all are Ph.D. students in the religious studies program.  They are Stephanie Gaskill, M.A. Bowling Green State University; Kenny Richards, M.A. University of Colorado, Boulder; Shannon T. Schorey, M.A. University of Colorado, Boulder; Stanley Thayne, M.A. Brigham Young University; and Leif C. Turnquist, M.A. University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Posters (including the one posted here) and an event flyer for this discussion were designed and produced by Caroline James, a junior journalism major from Charlotte.

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