Postdoctoral Research Associate (Computer Science)

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
August 28, 2018
Chapel Hill, NC
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Position Summary

Working with the Principle Investigator, Associate Professor Zeynep Tufekci, in an interdisciplinary environment to study the social, political and cultural impacts of digital technology, especially with regards to conflict, polarization and instability. Strong research, analysis and writing skills are used and required for this position.

This position will assist the PI in studying how digital connectivity, artificial intelligence and the technology industry intersect in terms of social, political and cultural dynamics, with emphasis on Global South but also including Western nations and liberal democracies. There will be special emphasis on the role of surveillance, security and encryption in mediating these dynamics.

Duties include:

  1. Carry out research on artificial intelligence and digital technologies, including data analytics, machine learning and related fields. Interest, work or understanding of encryption is a plus.
  2. Show interest in, and ability to conceptually think about how technical developments, practices and affordances interact with dynamics of human societies, especially including conflict, violence and instability. This is a core job requirement. This is not a purely technical/computer science position.
  3. Researching relevant news and incidents on the above topics.
  4. Assisting the PI in assessing literature and, conducting field and other research.
  5. Creation and writing of bibliographies, reports and papers based on the research and investigations.

Educational Requirements

Ph.D required in Computer Science or related field. Research interests with a focus on machine learning and/or field of artificial intelligence and/or encryption a plus.

Qualifications and Experience

Competency in computer science, machine learning and/or data analytics. Familiarity with the research and literature in artificial intelligence and machine learning especially as it pertains to practices in the digital technology industry. Strong writing/communication skills are crucial. Must be able to think and work independently but also in close interaction within a multidisciplinary team.

Industry background/experience/familiarity and/or interest in social science and/or social aspects of digital technologies is a plus.

Salary Range: $47,476-$65,000

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