Agency FOIA Officer/Attorney Advisor, Legal Counsel Division

Government of the District of Columbia
August 23, 2018
Washington, DC
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Description Of Duties: The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) seeks an Attorney-Advisor for the Legal Counsel Division (LCD) to assist with requests for information from OAG under the District of Columbia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). FOIA responsibilities are expected to occupy approximately half of the attorney’s time. In addition, the attorney will assist in providing advice to the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs), with rulemakings, and with other issues relates to regulations and administrative law.. LCD also provides legal advice to the Mayor, District agencies, officials and employees on a broad range of legal issues, legislation and regulations. In addition, LCD provides legal advice to the Attorney General on sensitive and high priority matters and is responsible for drafting legal opinions of the Attorney General. LCD performs legal reviews of all draft legislation introduced on the Mayor’s behalf, all draft rulemakings from the Executive Branch, and all Council-enrolled bills presented to the Mayor. LCD regularly advises on complex issues of constitutional law, statutory construction, the Home Rule Act, and other legal matters particular to the unique status of the District.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:
  •      Receiving FOIA and other requests to obtain information, documents, and records from OAG.
  •      Reviewing and analyzing FOIA requests and the records responsive to such requests.
  •      Contacting OAG divisions and sections to conduct fact-finding and interviews to obtain pertinent information and documents.
  •      Consulting with OAG officials and employees about concerns they may have regarding release of those records.
  •      Researching and evaluating data while conducting word-by-word review of documents and files that may be complex, sensitive, privileged, and lengthy.
  •      Determining whether the FOIA exemptions to compulsory disclosure will address any concerns about release, entirely or in part.
  •      Handling, or providing technical assistance to those engaged in, the gathering and redaction of documents responsive to FOIA inquiries.
  •      Creating logs where needed.
  •      Preparing detailed determinations, recommendations, and justifications in written correspondence.
  •      Reviewing and analyzing appeals from denials of access to records withheld and recommending final decision on release or non-release of records.
  •      Developing or advising on the development of regulations, procedural guidance, and policies on issues related to OAG’s implementation of FOIA.
  •      Communicating in writing or orally with members of the public, the press, or with ANC Commissioners regarding FOIA or other legal issues.
  •      Performing legal research and providing oral or written advice to OAG officials and employees on FOIA and privilege issues.
  •      Performing legal research and providing oral or written advice on issues related to ANCs, regulations and administrative law to ANC Commissioners, District officials and employees in OAG, the Executive Office of the Mayor and offices of the City Administrator and Deputy Mayors, and District agencies.;
  •      Reviewing legal documents, including regulations and other issuances to determine whether they are legally sufficient and appropriate as to form, and drafting proposed language necessary to obviate objections to them.
  •      Drafting rulemakings.
  •      Preparing opinions, legal memoranda, letters, and other documents for the LCD Deputy’s or Attorney General’s signature.
  •      Keeping abreast of judicial, agency, and other changes and interpretations regarding laws and regulations related to FOIA, ANCs and administrative law.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate should: (1) have knowledge of the District of Columbia Freedom of Information Act, or the federal Freedom of Information Act, as well as other applicable information access laws and judicial precedent; (2) have experience in analyzing records and evaluating what portions of information may be released or denied under FOIA; and (3) be able to review, redact and process requests that involve a large volume of documents or electronic mail. Knowledge of OAG’s structure, functions, filing and storage procedures, and document management systems, such as Relativity and Adobe, is desirable but not required.

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